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Rick Springfield – Lead Vocals/Guitar
George Bernhardt – Lead guitar, backing vocals
Jorge Palacios – Drums, percussion
Paul Trudeau – Keyboards, guitar, backing vocals
George Nastos – Bass

For all of his accomplishments as an actor, best-selling author, and documentary subject, Rick Springfield’s first love has always been music, a passion he’s harbored since first picking up the guitar at the age of 12 in his native Australia.

With 25 million records sold, 17 top-40 hits, including Don’t Talk to Strangers, An Affair of the Heart, I’ve Done Everything for You, Love Somebody and Human Touch, as well as a 1981 Grammy® for Best Male Rock Vocal for his No. 1 hit single “Jessie’s Girl,” Springfield shows no signs of slowing down. “I put everything I’ve got into making records,” he says. “Sometimes people may think they have you pegged but I trust the music to speak for itself.”

Never one to be confined to the recording studio where the music is born, Springfield has toured for over 30 years, hand-delivering the hits to millions of fans worldwide via his dynamic live shows. His concerts are legendary with their rock heavy, high energy full band sets. However, in fall 2013 Springfield felt it was time to expand his live performance options. Hence the solo “Stripped Down” tour was created to bring an intimate yet still lively performance to fans. The singer incorporates personal stories about his music and life into the show and even adds a question and answer segment as a way to truly connect with his audiences. The “Stripped Down” tour gives Springfield a chance to perform some of his favorite songs that he has written over the years that never quit fit in his full band sets.

Excited fans and critics have made “Stripped Down” one of the most talked about tours of 2014, receiving rave reviews and sold out seats across the country. “Setting up shop at the intimate and stylish City Winery was the right call for this rare solo set and the fans came in droves, selling out both shows practically from the get go…The night as a whole achieved its purpose of revealing several unseen sides of Springfield beyond just the most obvious oldies.” says the Illinois Entertainer.

Although music is Springfield’s first love, the rocker knew it was time to put more of an emphasis on his acting career. He is currently filming “Ricki and the Flash” with co-star Meryl Streep and director Jonathan Demme. The film is expected to release in the summer of 2015. Earlier this year Springfield guest-starred on an episode of Drop Dead Diva. Along with his notorious role as Dr. Drake on General Hospital Rick’s other notable TV roles include a 4-episode arc on Californication and Hawaii Five-O.

Springfield is not only gifted musician and actor he is also a talented writer proving to Hollywood he is a triple threat. He released his first fiction novel MAGNIFICENT VIBRATION on May 6th, 2014. The book received rave reviews from literary publications Kirkus and Booklist. Booklist said, “Captivating, poignant, and hilarious, MAGNIFICENT VIBRATION proves that some of the most interesting stories can come from pretty unlikely places.” Not only did the book receive great reviews but MAGNIFICENT VIBRATION became Springfield’s second book (First book, Late, Late at Night) to make the NY Times Best Sellers List. The deeply meaningful and over-the-top novel features a hero who has hit a dead end in his life but who serendipitously receives an 800 connection to God via an inscription in a mysterious self-help book and who just may have a shot at saving the planet.” The only good grades I ever got in school before I was kicked out were for creative writing,” says Springfield. “I thought that fiction might be in my future but then my career took a different path once the Beatles showed me what a blast being in a band could be. Writing my memoir reminded me how much I love the craft. So I decided to give fiction a shot again. MAGNIFICENT VIBRATION is the result. I’m still not quite sure where it came from, but once I got going, it practically wrote itself. I’ve heard writers I admire speak of that phenomenon, so maybe I’m on the right track.”

Right after releasing MAGNIFICENT VIBRATION, Springfield was honored by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for all his accomplishments by receiving his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on May, 9th 2014.

Springfield’s autobiography, Late, Late at Night, published by Simon & Schuster’s Touchstone imprint in 2010, entered The New York Times best-seller list at No. 13 and hit the Los Angeles Times and Publishers Weekly lists as well. Rolling Stone named it one of the top-25 rock autobiographies of all time. In the book, which he wrote himself; Springfield speaks frankly about the depression he’s battled throughout his life. “I’m not the shiny, happy guy people think I am. I suppose they confuse who I really am with my stage persona,” says Springfield. “But good can come from hardship. Depression causes me to over-analyze events in my life, and that’s actually a bonus when it comes to songwriting. Hey, if things had gone my way at the time and I’d gotten laid, Jessie’s Girl would never have been written.”

In 2013, Springfield teamed up with Dave Grohl on Grohl’s multi-faceted passion project, Sound City, which encompassed a documentary (Sound City), an album (Sound City: Real to Reel), and the Sound City Players tour, a string of critically acclaimed shows with fellow documentary subjects including Stevie Nicks, Trent Reznor, John Fogerty, and Lee Ving among others. Each artist’s set was backed by The Foo Fighters, and Springfield’s own set included notable declarations from Grohl such as, “I want to be Rick Springfield.” and “Bucket list. Check.” CraveOnline called Sound City: Real to Reel “a powerhouse collection of some of the greatest musical talent ever assembled.” Springfield and Grohl co-wrote The Man That Never Was, which was inspired by a true story from World War II. “Writing music can be a solo endeavor but at its heart, rock is collaborative. Working with Dave and the Foo Fighters was collaboration at its best. Those guys are true musicians: creative, spontaneous, generous, and talented. Working with them was a great experience.” The Man That Never Was has been widely recognized by critics as one of the best songs on the Sound City album. “The highlights… are led by Stevie Nicks and, yes, Rick Springfield.” (People) Springfield has also been hailed for his part in the documentary: “The film’s breakout story is arguably Rick Springfield.” (Rolling Stone)
The Sound City: Real to Reel CD also won the 2014 Grammy® for Best Compilation Soundtrack.

In October 2012 Springfield released, Songs for the End of the World his 17th studio record, a collaboration with songwriter Matt Bissonette. Songs for the End of the World addresses the need to be consoled and cherished in an age of anxiety about the future of the planet. Filled with personal lyrics and giant hooks, it’s a pop/rock tour de force. “It’s high energy,” he explains about the album’s mix of moods. “At its core, it’s about looking for love and solace while the world around us—everything we once felt sure about—disintegrates. Even with the end so palpably imminent, we’re still human beings, filled with longing and—maybe against all odds—hope. I believe music is healing,” says Springfield. The Tampa Bay Times said, “Springfield remains one of the best live entertainers of his generation — maybe the top dog — so if he wants to explore darker closets on studio albums, I’m not going to discourage him one bit. Especially when the result is a project I enjoy as much as this one.”

Also in 2012 Springfield’s documentary An Affair of the Heart, which captured the close ties between Springfield and his fans, debuted at numerous film festivals and won special jury awards at the Nashville, Florida, Boston, and Daytona Film Festivals. An Affair of the Heart premiered to record numbers on the EPIX channel in May 2013 and is now available on DVD.

In the early ’70s, Springfield already had a handful of hit records in his native Australia. Once he emigrated to the United States, he resorted to acting—eventually landing the role of Dr. Noah Drake during the heyday of daytime TV’s General Hospital—only as a way of making ends meet until his musical career took off here. And take off it did, with the 1981 success of Working Class Dog followed by Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet, Living in Oz, Hard to Hold soundtrack and Tao. Despite his original and defining passion for music, many at the time mistook Springfield for a soap star trying to convert daytime success to a sort of faux and fleeting music career. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course, but to argue the point—well, to quote a Springfield lyric: the point is probably moot. Springfield is content to let his music and decade’s-long productivity speak for itself. “If you pay attention to where I’ve put my time, who I really am becomes clear.”

Springfield’s current musical career renaissance can be traced back to the albums Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance (2004) and Venus in Overdrive (Ume, 2008), which entered the Billboard sales charts at No. 28, his highest debut in 20 years. In 2005, Sony Legacy’s released the retrospective double CD Written in Rock: The Rick Springfield Anthology.