KIX’s “Blow my Fuse” mentioned in Rolling Stone’s 50 Greatest Hair Metal Albums Of All Time!

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KIXLoud & Proud’s very own KIX was honored in Rolling Stone Magazine with their album, Blow My Fuse, rating #8 out of the 50 greatest hair metal albums of all time. Also making the list are albums from incredible artists that are friends and family of Loud & Proud Records, including Billy Sheehan’s (The Winery Dogs) former band, Mr. Big, and the amazing Kiss, Dokken, RATT, and many others. Click the image below to see the full list and be sure to check out KIX’s ROCK YOUR FACE OFF, out now.

Rolling Stone - Greatest Hair Metal Albums Of All Time
KIX - Rock Your Face Off
KIXRock Your Face Off:
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