You may have noticed that over the past few months quiet changes have been made to the site. First we gave you new artist pages. Check out your favorite and you’ll find widgets, videos, music, and much more. Plus they look great.

A few weeks back we also updated our Artists page. You’ll see highlighted artists up top in blue. These change as artists are updated with news, video, and music. This is a great page to make your first port-of-call after the news section!

Today we’ve relaunched three other pages. Music and Video are all new. You can now embed all of our music and video posted to the site in your blog, web site, or MySpace/Facebook profiles. At the right of these pages you’ll see charts driven by what YOU do on our site. You can also leave comments at all songs and videos, rate them, and favorite them in our new profile system (more on that in a sec).


The Releases page has gotten a huge makeover. Every album now has its own home page where you can see the available tracks, rate it, leave a review, or comment on others’ reviews. Snazzy huh?

Finally, we just launched our new profile pages. If you’re a subscriber to our email newsletters, you can log in, add your own picture, keep track of the latest updates on our site (and partner sites), follow your favorite videos and music, and tell us what bands you want to hear about.

Of course, many of these new features require that you be a member of the site to use them, so please join today!

We are, of course, in a beta phase and need your help to make the site work the best for YOU. If you see any problems or want to suggest changes to the new features, please send an email to with “NEW SITE REPORT” in the subject line. If you receive an error, please be as detailed as possible, including what page you were on, what browser you are using, and copy any error message you receive into the body of the email.

Please feel free to leave comments here below!


Jeremy Rosen